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Living 'See' Scrolls


Author: Shanna Braun

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The Living 'See' Scroll

The Future is Unfolding
According to God's Plan...

People are sensing something 'Big' is happening on our planet!  Is God in control? 
Is there a Plan?
Is it unfolding as God said? 
Where are we in the plan?  
Where do I fit?  

The Living 'See' Scroll is the Big Picture of
God's Eternal Plan... Simplified!

This Biblical Overview will help us to understand the events that are unfolding
in our day.  

The fear of the unknown is often the greatest fear... Let's look at where have been as humankind,
where we are and where we are going,
according to the Bible!

11 ½ Feet x 12 Inches

Dealing With the Difficult

In a God Honouring Way Scroll

A Picture of the Process to a Satisfied Mind

  The Dealing With the Difficult

in a God Honouring Way  Scroll is a valuable tool.  It a pictured reminder of the unfolding path to an emotionally healthy life.  We see where difficulties began, what happened and what God did to bring us to wholeness.  

This scroll will help organize our thoughts as the process to a satisfied mind is displayed visually.  This makes an excellent visual aid for the accompanying Bible Study.

This Scroll is a perfect compliment to the Book "Dealing with the Difficult In A God Honouring Way', by Shanna Braun

10 Feet x 12 Inches

Bible Scrolls available

for purchase

Click HERE to visit our youtube channel for a guided presentation of the Living 'See' Scroll!

The Living 'See' Scroll

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Small Sample

The Living ‘See’ Scroll is classic, beautiful artwork made with either canvas, fabric or paper. It is a simplified, pictured Biblical Overview.

This lovely scroll would be an asset to anyone who wants a ‘snap shot’ from eternity past to eternity future.  The Book of Revelation is a major theme of the Living ‘See’ Scroll.

The graphics make it easy to read.  See the Scriptures portrayed in a way that is easy to understand, easy to explain, and easy to share. The Living 'See' Scroll is where classic Christianity and modern technology meet.   

Starting before the foundation of the earth, the Living ‘See’ Scroll unrolls to reveal events throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament.  We see the creation, the fall of man, God's promise to send a Saviour, the nations and empires, kings and prophets who take us into the time of Jesus Christ, the church and to our day!


But wait! The scroll doesn’t stop there.  We see graphically portrayed for us the future events which include the Book of Revelation.

What happens when a person dies? Where are they?  Where do we go?  This piece of artwork will take you past the second coming of Jesus Christ all the way to the New Heavens and New Earth, the eternal destination for those who believe according to the Bible.

" The counsel of the LORD stands forever,

the plans of His heart from generation to generation."

Psalm 33:11


The Gospel is clearly presented as God's plan unfolds!

In the press
My Books

Dealing with the Difficult
In a God Honouring Way

Dealing With the Difficult

In a God Honouring Way  Scroll

The Dealing with the Difficult In a God Honouring Way scroll is a pictured reminder of the ups and downs in our life as we move towards our satisfied mind.  It will help to organize our thoughts and locate where we are in the various relationships that we may find ourself in now or perhaps in the past.  The DWD scroll will chart the path to the satisfied mind that God has for us.  This beautiful graphic scroll is a summary of the accompanying Bible Study and can be used as a visual aid in the quest for a satisfied mind. 12"x 10' Paper scroll. 

Shanna Braun


Thank you for letting me introduce myself. Living in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada with my husband Don is such a beautiful time for me.  

As an inductive Bible study teacher and trainer for Precept Ministries I had the privilege of leading classes in many of the books and topics of the Bible. Leading classes, workshops and seminars in the inductive Bible study method for those many years has taught me the value of learning God's Word.  Inductive Bible study simply means that we learn a method that uses the Bible to study the Bible. Those who utilize this method keep the integrity of the text with context, overview, history, science and grammar etc in its original use and form.  We understand that God uses literary techniques such as: similes, parables, metaphors, analogies etc to make His points, as do many authors.  I highly recommend Precept Ministries as a way to discover the Scriptures for yourself.

What an honour I had to be executive director and teacher for International Christians in Crisis.  It was such a wonderful privilege to watch how the Bible, God’s Word, would transform lives and take people in very difficult situations from misery to ministry.  

As trainer and coach for Consulting Resource Group I am able to assist individuals to see how God has created each one of us uniquely. The many assessments available reveal how each person naturally interacts in their relationships and environment.  

Working in the medical profession as Operating Room Technician I witnessed the pressures that some people face with physical difficulties.  I understand well that it is so often the unknown factors that bring the greatest fear.  The more we know about the situations we face the less we are afraid.  This is why I wrote this course and designed these scrolls. 

I understand, through my own life experiences, that the unknown is so often a great source of agony but to know the truth of God's Word brings a relief that is indescribable.  The fear of the unknown dissolves as God reveals Himself to us through His Word.


Artwork with a Purpose


I wanted to thank you for giving us a personal presentation last Sunday. God really spoke to me through it and gave me a sweeping overview of His master plan.  It left me in awe of how perfect it all is, and how Jesus was Plan A from the beginning.


College and Career Student

The Scroll will help us share our faith and we enjoyed the fact that Shanna always tied it back to the gospel.

Dennis & Jean 


This was a great way to get closer to the Lord by understanding His plan for us.

Ayla- an 11 year old girl

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